Travel Tips

Below you will find some tips to help you make your trip and stay at Alpasion even more memorable:


Many places in rural areas (outside the city) do not accept credit cards. Some do accept payment in US Dollars. However, to be safe we recommend you bring enough cash or use the ATM machine to take out cash upon arrival at the airport. Most of the bigger wineries do accept credit cards as well as the restaurants and shops in the city. The current exchange rate fluctuates daily.


The tip is normally not included in your bill. At restaurants the standard tip is 10%. Waiters will appreciate a tip in cash. Tipping at the lodge is not necessary. However it is welcomed if the service of Jorge and Alicia has exceeded your expectations.

Visitor Information

Language: Spanish

Currency: Argentinean Peso

Climate: Dry and Arid climate. The tem peratures oscillate all year round. In sum mer the temperature can reach above the 25°C and in winter the average temperatu re goes around minus 8°C. Winter goes from June to September, spring from Sep tember to December, summer starts from December until March, and fall begins in March and ends in June.

Voltage: 220v

Time Zone: GMT 3

We invite you to download our Quick guide with useful information about your trip to Mendoza, Argentina