Alpasion newsletter Dec 2015

Newsletter – December 2015

Read up on the latest news from Alpasión in our winter newsletter:

It is time to say goodbye to another wonderful year and be thankful for the great things achieved during 2015:

  • We opened a few new markets and now you can also find the Alpasion wines in: The Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Russia, and Abu Dhabi.
  • We signed up with Costco in Florida
  • We sold about 40,000 bottles of wine (the remaining stock of 2012 and part of the 2013 vintage)
  • We finished planting our vineyard
  • We opened Alpasión Restaurant and brought famous Chef Renzo Garibaldi (No.34 Best Chef in Latam) to celebrate the official opening.
  • We launched Alpasión Cigars and they are now available for sale
  • We added a few new friends to our existing group of investors
  • We met in Mendoza for a week to discuss our project and the wine business (over many bottles of wine and huge pieces of meat), hiked around the farm and planted a few of our own vines, went horseback riding to enjoy the Argentine landscape, checked out other wineries, told stories around the fire, etc. etc.. 

We hope that 2016 is even better and that we continue to share memorable moments together. 

We want to thank you for your support and wish you health, happiness and success in the New Year!


The Alpasion Team