Alpasion featured in the most important newspaper of the Netherlands (De Telegraaf)

What a great way to start the morning when one opens the De Telegraaf newspaper and encounters an article about Alpasion represented by our very own Toine Knipping.

If you can read Dutch, turn to page 20 in this link for the original.   For those of us who cannot, thanks partially to “Google Translate” it reads:

news_netherlands_alpasion_world_cup_toine_knippingOrange still in World Cup Football

Although the Dutch national team is the big absentee on the World Cup in Russia, during the tournament there will be plenty of Orange. The house wine in all VIP rooms in the Moscow stadiums comes from the Argentinian wine estate Alpasion, which is largely in Dutch hands.

With a special limited edition Grand Malbec, dedicated to the famous Russian keeper LevYashin, everyone from Fifa chairman Gianni Infantino to the Russian president Vladimir Putin is spoiled by Alpasion. This to the full pride of Toine Knipping, chairman of a trust company, writer of various books and manager of the young winery from the Uco Valley, south of Mendoza.

In 2009, Knipping followed a business course in the French Fontainebleau and in Singapore with a number of international CEOs. Many wanted to keep in contact afterward. Soon they came the idea of buying a winery, but because of the Chinese and Russian interest the prices of French and Italian wineries had increased enormously. Eventually, they ended up at the foot of the Andes mountains and bought an area of no less than 85 hectares there.

Knipping, “The recent scores at Robert Parker (91 points) and Wine Spectator (92 points) confirms we are on the right track. Alpasion is largely in Dutch hands but also has other investors, among whom is the Russian banker Andrei Peregoudov.”

He was commissioned to rebuild the old Dynamo Moscow stadium for the World Cup. Knipping continues, “He could promote Alpasion as the World Cup wine.”