The History

The people behind this project are all wine lovers that decided one day (over a few bottles of wine) to make a dream come true by making honest, iconic wines together.  The label features the fingerprints and signatures of all the owners. The design goal was to convey a highly personal, hands-on project, undertaken by a group driven by friendship, passion and quality for all facets of life. Passion is in fact so central to the whole project that we decided to name our inaugural release “Alpasión,” a combination of the Spanish “alma” (soul) and “pasión” (passion).

Soil studyPedro Parra
AgronomistGuillermo Cacciaguerra
WinemakerKarim Mussi Saffie

The Wines

To achieve our goals of innovation and making the best possible wine according to sustainable organic standards, we have hired a very talented and passionate young wine maker, Karim Mussi Saffie, an Argentine of Lebanese descent, whose family has been in the wine business for generations.  Karim is fast becoming an influential and prominent winemaker in the Uco Valley region.

Currently we have 2 lines of wines: Alpasión and WhatAboutMe? Alpasión features two labels: a pure Malbec and a blend which we call “Private Selection”.

Alpasión Malbec – a pure, rich, fruity wine that expresses the goodness of the soil and climate of the Uco Valley. Its aroma presents red and dark fruit with a hint of minerality that keeps it fresh, while the 10+ months of aging in French oak barrels add a spicy complexity with hues of vanilla and smoke. Its mouthfeel is silky and concentrated, and combines ripe fruitiness with round and supple tannins. It can be enjoyed now or aged for up to ten years from now.

Alpasión Private Selection – a blend of the finest varietals available for each vintage, carefully selected by our winemaker. These bottled gems vary their composition each year to gather the singularity of the terroir and transform it into a bold, intense wine. It is then aged accordingly in French oak to achieve the distinction and uniqueness necessary to become our high-end wine. Only a few thousand bottles are produced each year, and they can be considered collectible pieces of art, since their aging potential reaches up to 15 years.

Alpasión Malbec 2011 was awarded 90 Parker Points and our Alpasión Malbec 2012 was awarded a Gold Medal by Decanter. Our 2013 vintage was released into the market in June 2015.

WhataboutMe? 2014 is our newest label and a completely different style of wine. Young and unoaked, this malbec presents a nose of crispy red fruits and a background of nuts and dried fruit. In mouth it’s juicy, vibrant, yet supple and balanced. It was released in November 2015 and it is now ready to be enjoyed.

Our portfolio will continue to expand to other wines, including a white, a sparkling and at least two other reds.

The Process

We currently produce two kinds of wines using the region’s famous Malbec grapes. The grapes used come from vineyards located in the district of Chacayes, Alto Valle de Uco. The grapes are harvested by hand, in small boxes of 15 kg each and are then sorted by hand on a sorting table using a gravity flow system to guarantee that the grapes are intact when they reach the fermentation tanks.

The maceration was done by using a pump-over system 4 times and 1 delestage (rack and return) per day to achieve a higher concentration. A classical fermentation process with native yeasts was used. The wine was aged in new French/Bordeaux type oak barrels for 10 months in the case of the Crianza and 18 months in the case of the Private Selection.

Contact Information

For further information on our wine, please contact:

Gabriela Soto
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